sydney maternity photographer

Vintage Maternity Session in Centennial Park

This was one of the most beautiful maternity sessions I’ve done! Racheal was absolutely stunning at almost 38 weeks pregnant and her little girl Valentina is a pure angel.

Racheal was my dream client. Easygoing and creative she put a lot of thought and effort into the outfits and accessories. I was blown away by the dresses and the flower-crown. Angie Yablonska did Racheal’s stunning hair and make-up.

The day of the shoot was the coldest day in May on record, but everyone on our team was a fighter and we’ll remember this autumn day filled with femininity, beauty and tenderness.

Peace Within Yourself

All Sydneysiders remember the Sydney hail storm last weekend. These shots were taken minutes and some of them seconds before it hit Sydney. I watch the dark skies, hear the thunder, then look at Jen and see how wonderfully peaceful and tranquil she is. I ponder on the power of life, the power of nature and us being a part of it. It is amazing how vulnerable and strong at the same time a pregnant woman is. I look at Jen, Mick, Jaxson and Mirabelle holding hands and realise how important it is to have each other in the moments of calm and storm. I am thankful to them for making this shoot truly unique and meaningful.