centennial park

Boys Run Free – Centennial Park

I absolutely love Centennial park in Sydney – it provides limitless fun for kids of all ages :) Not to mention the park has got sooo many gorgeous spots for photos! Here is my favourite area in Centennial park. As you can see the boys love it too! Next time you visit Centennial wander off into the bush behind learner’s bike tracks and you might find this cool tee pee ;)

These two boys were born on the same day and they absolutely love each other, even though sometimes their craziness drives their mums crazy :) For me these photos are a quintessence of childhood and what free energetic 4 year olds are all about. I wish these boys will be in tune with nature and each other for the rest of their lives. Who plays together stays together <3

Morning Sunshine

“The sun rises and a bear and cub begin their day together…” Amelia Hepworth ‘I love you to the moon and back’.

Winter Mood Family Session in Centennial Park

Centennial park is always gorgeous, but especially on one of those winter days, when the air is crisp, the sky is blue and the sunset is golden and quiet.

This little gorgeous family was so much fun to photograph! Olivia is a little angel. She was smiling all the time and I think we really clicked :) She loves dogs, birds and horses and there were plenty of animals to watch in Centennial park.

What can I say, beautiful people combined with a beautiful location is a winning combination!


Diana & Alex – Centennial Parklands

What a great idea to celebrate your first year wedding anniversary with a photo-session! We wondered into the woods of gorgeous Centennial park to document this day. Congratulations Diana and Alex! May your love for each other always be as strong as it is today.






Little Autumn Princess

This adorable 4-months old beauty had to be ‘kidnapped’ to take these pictures :) This photoshoot was a surprise for mum and dad organised by Sophia’s sweet and caring nanny.

I hope the prints will be a good memory of how cute and precious Sophia was on her first glorious autumn!


Vintage Maternity Session in Centennial Park

This was one of the most beautiful maternity sessions I’ve done! Racheal was absolutely stunning at almost 38 weeks pregnant and her little girl Valentina is a pure angel.

Racheal was my dream client. Easygoing and creative she put a lot of thought and effort into the outfits and accessories. I was blown away by the dresses and the flower-crown. Angie Yablonska did Racheal’s stunning hair and make-up.

The day of the shoot was the coldest day in May on record, but everyone on our team was a fighter and we’ll remember this autumn day filled with femininity, beauty and tenderness.

The Great Family of Five

I believe that true beauty is harmony. By watching this family – the looks they gave each other, the little gestures, jokes and smiles they exchanged during the photoshoot; made me think they are pieces of a puzzle, which work perfectly together. I know how important respect and love is in any relationship, but to me they were the living example of these two vital things. On that day I observed and learned what strong family ties are about.