Indian Summer Family Session

In Australia autumn is not an excuse not to go to the beach.  It’s been exceptionally warm in May in Sydney – beautiful Indian Summer!
Nadya wanted to take pictures with her kids before she departed to UK and voila! I found a cozy little beach in Sydney Eastern Suburbs with parked boats and pretty cliffs, so off we went to take pictures.

The Ocean Seen From The Sky

I close my eyes and can only hear the sound of the sea. The waves beat hardly with all their strength on the rocks. I lie protected in a small, round rock formation. It’s windy and cold, but in here, I am protected from the harsh wind passing over me. I am warm.
Nothing more is relevant except the sea and me. At this very moment I feel completely one with the world. I am immensely happy and found my inner peace, even if only for a few precious moments.

Model and Author of the text: Laura Schutze
MUA: Olga Tishkov

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Farewell to Summer

Volkswagen Kombi is an international icon known as the “hippie van”. However it is not just a car; its unique look has thousands of fans around the world and has its own spirit, culture and aesthetics. It suits Australian lifestyle perfectly: sandy beaches, surf, ocean, road trips and plenty of sun.

I want to thank Dan, who provided this gorgeous van for the shoot. He took an old rusty Volkswagen Kombi and turned it into this beauty!

Moana and Alex were probably one of the cutest and hottest couples I’ve ever shot and you could see why: both originally from Latin America they definitely have got fiery passionate love for each other! After Moana said that she was always a little bit hippy inside,  I knew I picked the right concept for the shoot.

We shot these pictures in the last days of summer in Australia and the evening couldn’t be more perfect!



Tree Dance

Australia is a Wonderland to me! I can’t stop repeating how amazing the nature is here.. I thank Sarah and Zinnia, who helped me to put this fairy tale together. I’d like to say a few words about Zinnia, who has had very busy and successful times lately. […]

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