Indian Summer Family Session

In Australia autumn is not an excuse not to go to the beach.  It’s been exceptionally warm in May in Sydney – beautiful Indian Summer!
Nadya wanted to take pictures with her kids before she departed to UK and voila! I found a cozy little beach in Sydney Eastern Suburbs with parked boats and pretty cliffs, so off we went to take pictures.

The Ocean Seen From The Sky

I close my eyes and can only hear the sound of the sea. The waves beat hardly with all their strength on the rocks. I lie protected in a small, round rock formation. It’s windy and cold, but in here, I am protected from the harsh wind passing over me. I am warm.
Nothing more is relevant except the sea and me. At this very moment I feel completely one with the world. I am immensely happy and found my inner peace, even if only for a few precious moments.

Model and Author of the text: Laura Schutze
MUA: Olga Tishkov

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