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Summer Splashes – The Importance of Personal Work

Monday, April 20th

Today is a cold, miserable and rainy day in Sydney and I really miss summer and my 5 minute project. I am flicking through the pictures of my son and smiling. In these pictures I see how curious, kind and brave he is, how much he’s grown and how many things we did last summer!

I also realise how much I’ve grown as an artist and a person.

When you choose a subject yourself, you choose it for a reason. When you focus on something you truly love you can invent your own world and discover the depths of it undreamed of by others. Unrestricted by time and requests you can explore every nuance of it.

The importance of personal work is immense and I want to do more of it.

5 Minute Project. Day 12

Today is day 12 of my personal 5 minute project, where I show my everyday life, my family and my travels. I am  already proud of myself because I am notoriously bad with projects like these. Taking these pictures brings a lot of joy and challenges into my life and I love it! I am thankful to my friends, family and people who I’ve never met for all the support and kind words. I was asked a few times whether it was a 365 project. I don’t know :) What I know is that I want to keep going.

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Taste of Ice-cream on One Summer Afternoon

I am excited to announce that together with my fellow photographers I’ve started a 5-minute project. Through a small 5-minute window you’ll see bits and pieces of my world: my family, my travels, everyday joys and worries. Inspired by I will be taking 5 minutes worth of pictures at different times of the day or night. Love for photography, desire to observe life without interruption – to feel the moment and translate it into pictures and keeping these memories for my family is what is driving this project. I will be capturing faces, details and surroundings as they naturally unfold in front of me.

Today’s little story is about my son Raymond and our fun and messy afternoon on 29th of December 2014 at our home in Sydney.

More of the pictures you can see on my Facebook Page.

Autumn Family Session in Melbourne

A gorgeous family of travellers and happiness seekers, who this time happened to be in Melbourne at the same time as me. :) Their children and true wunderkinds, who already speak three languages: Chinese, English and Russian. This will definitely broaden their horizons and open many doors in their future. Way to go!

Soul Meets Body

This was the first time I travelled inland of Australia. We drove for around 150 kilometres from Sydney and reached this serene gorgeous property in Southern Highlands, NSW.  And I must tell you, it turned out to be no less beautiful than the Australian coastline! I loved green valleys, curvy smooth hill lines, the play of light on its slopes. This is the type of landscape I feel blessed contemplating.

I did my best to convey peaceful close-to-nature meditative state of this place and of a gorgeous pregnant woman in the pictures. Samantha was 30 weeks pregnant, and she was looking amazing! Sam is an athlete and her lifestyle is very healthy and active. Truly, she is an inspiration to many. No doubts, her pregnancy was a breeze. I wish her easy labour and her little one to be the happiest baby on the block! :)