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Sunshine in My Pocket

The most wonderful part of my job as a professional photographer is not actually taking pictures of people, it is listening to their stories. Every single person I’ve met in my life taught me something. It is truly important for me to connect with a person and  hope that their story of life, love, dreams, struggles and success speaks through pictures. Please don’t ever be afraid to open up and let others fall in love with you.

This family traveled the world and Australia in a camper van. They’ve been searching for a place they could call home for many years before they found it in Sunshine Coast, Queensland.



The Camping Diaries

Photography Tips – Travel Photography. Captivating Tasmania

Traveling and photography becomes more and more affordable these days. Billions of pictures are taken and shared every day. So, how do you make sure that your pictures are going to tell a story to your friends, relatives and strangers on the web and truly keep the memories of what you saw, felt and learned on your travels.
Create atmosphere
The most memorable pictures are the ones which make us feel part of the action.

It could be the colour of an old man’s hat, the movement of people, the shapes on a building or the leaf on your shoe. Sometimes it is the least obvious thing; it is like a dot in a sentence making your thought complete. Notice it and bring it into the frame to tie the scene together and recreate the mood you got from the place. Use composition, light, contrast of shades or colours to make sure you accentuated the right thing.

My travel photography is quite egocentric. I tell the viewer about what the places I had visited made me feel like; and maybe the viewer can sense the same. Sometimes I skip the most scenic and popular spot but stop and take a picture of something that feels more personal and intimate to me.

Traveling is the way of exploring myself; photography is my visual diary.