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Photography Tips – How to Dress for Couples/Family Shoot

Every time I have a shoot I do my best to make my clients look and feel wonderful in front of my camera. Prior to the actual shoot I send simple guidelines on how to prepare and what to expect from our time together. Here are some simple rules, which I hope will help you to look your best in the pictures!
Dress for the weather
It is no fun to be freezing in front of the camera. The cold and discomfort will definitely affect the quality and quantity of the pictures. All you will think about is wrapping up the session as quickly as possible. Being hot and sweaty can be even worse! This is why I always recommend shooting during sunrise or sunset (Golden Hour). The air temperature is pleasant and the light is gorgeous.
Dress in one style
If your pick for the shoot is a beachy and summery outfit, your partner (or children) shouldn’t be wearing a suit or dressy clothes. Such a mismatch looks awkward in the pictures. It is quite important to stick to one style: casual+casual, cocktail+cocktail, business+business.
Dress for the place
A dress, shorts and sandals are going to look lovely at the beach or park. If your photoshoot location were a restaurant, city streets or picturesque interior I would recommend wearing a cocktail dress, shirt, pants and dressy shoes.

Last but not least: pick an element, which will visually bring you together. For instance red shoes on a girl and red bowtie on a guy, blue headband and blue belt, purple blouse and purple jeans – well, you get the picture…

Choose clothes and accessories, which show your personality. Camera loves unusual things. Pick the outfit, in which you feel most comfortable and […]

The Ocean Seen From The Sky

I close my eyes and can only hear the sound of the sea. The waves beat hardly with all their strength on the rocks. I lie protected in a small, round rock formation. It’s windy and cold, but in here, I am protected from the harsh wind passing over me. I am warm.
Nothing more is relevant except the sea and me. At this very moment I feel completely one with the world. I am immensely happy and found my inner peace, even if only for a few precious moments.

Model and Author of the text: Laura Schutze
MUA: Olga Tishkov

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Tree Dance

Australia is a Wonderland to me! I can’t stop repeating how amazing the nature is here.. I thank Sarah and Zinnia, who helped me to put this fairy tale together. I’d like to say a few words about Zinnia, who has had very busy and successful times lately. […]

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The Female Warrior

Australia is known for its fierce and devastating bush fires.  One happened a few months ago in an incredibly beautiful National Park at Palm Beach. Once I saw the landscape I was astounded by the destructive power of the flames and the dark beauty of it. […]

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Sunset Boating

Katya’s Sunset Boating photo session took place on a quiet part of the Dnieper River in Kiev, Ukraine. This was not my first portrait shoot with Katya, but was definitely one to remember as the sun set orange and purple on the horizon. Summers in Kiev are magical around this time of the day. […]

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