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May All Your Troubles Be Bubbles

Blowing bubbles is like seeing magic happening right in front of your eyes – the forgotten feeling of innocence and childhood. I think the world would be a better place if everyone had their own bottle of bubbles.

Here is one of the best homemade bubble recipes, which always works:

- 1/4 cup of dish detergent

- 1 cup water

- 1 tablespoon glycerin

- 1 tablespoon of sugar

Now the most important tip! Even if you mixed all the ingredients in right prportions, the bubbles wouldn’t work on the same or next day. Let your bubbles set for at least 5-7 days. Then let all your worries go and blow bubbles! :)


Summer Splashes – The Importance of Personal Work

Monday, April 20th

Today is a cold, miserable and rainy day in Sydney and I really miss summer and my 5 minute project. I am flicking through the pictures of my son and smiling. In these pictures I see how curious, kind and brave he is, how much he’s grown and how many things we did last summer!

I also realise how much I’ve grown as an artist and a person.

When you choose a subject yourself, you choose it for a reason. When you focus on something you truly love you can invent your own world and discover the depths of it undreamed of by others. Unrestricted by time and requests you can explore every nuance of it.

The importance of personal work is immense and I want to do more of it.

Photography Tips – Travel Photography. Captivating Tasmania

Traveling and photography becomes more and more affordable these days. Billions of pictures are taken and shared every day. So, how do you make sure that your pictures are going to tell a story to your friends, relatives and strangers on the web and truly keep the memories of what you saw, felt and learned on your travels.
Create atmosphere
The most memorable pictures are the ones which make us feel part of the action.

It could be the colour of an old man’s hat, the movement of people, the shapes on a building or the leaf on your shoe. Sometimes it is the least obvious thing; it is like a dot in a sentence making your thought complete. Notice it and bring it into the frame to tie the scene together and recreate the mood you got from the place. Use composition, light, contrast of shades or colours to make sure you accentuated the right thing.

My travel photography is quite egocentric. I tell the viewer about what the places I had visited made me feel like; and maybe the viewer can sense the same. Sometimes I skip the most scenic and popular spot but stop and take a picture of something that feels more personal and intimate to me.

Traveling is the way of exploring myself; photography is my visual diary.

Photography Tips – How to Dress for Couples/Family Shoot

Every time I have a shoot I do my best to make my clients look and feel wonderful in front of my camera. Prior to the actual shoot I send simple guidelines on how to prepare and what to expect from our time together. Here are some simple rules, which I hope will help you to look your best in the pictures!
Dress for the weather
It is no fun to be freezing in front of the camera. The cold and discomfort will definitely affect the quality and quantity of the pictures. All you will think about is wrapping up the session as quickly as possible. Being hot and sweaty can be even worse! This is why I always recommend shooting during sunrise or sunset (Golden Hour). The air temperature is pleasant and the light is gorgeous.
Dress in one style
If your pick for the shoot is a beachy and summery outfit, your partner (or children) shouldn’t be wearing a suit or dressy clothes. Such a mismatch looks awkward in the pictures. It is quite important to stick to one style: casual+casual, cocktail+cocktail, business+business.
Dress for the place
A dress, shorts and sandals are going to look lovely at the beach or park. If your photoshoot location were a restaurant, city streets or picturesque interior I would recommend wearing a cocktail dress, shirt, pants and dressy shoes.

Last but not least: pick an element, which will visually bring you together. For instance red shoes on a girl and red bowtie on a guy, blue headband and blue belt, purple blouse and purple jeans – well, you get the picture…

Choose clothes and accessories, which show your personality. Camera loves unusual things. Pick the outfit, in which you feel most comfortable and […]