Boys Run Free – Centennial Park

I absolutely love Centennial park in Sydney – it provides limitless fun for kids of all ages :) Not to mention the park has got sooo many gorgeous spots for photos! Here is my favourite area in Centennial park. As you can see the boys love it too! Next time you visit Centennial wander off into the bush behind learner’s bike tracks and you might find this cool tee pee ;)

These two boys were born on the same day and they absolutely love each other, even though sometimes their craziness drives their mums crazy :) For me these photos are a quintessence of childhood and what free energetic 4 year olds are all about. I wish these boys will be in tune with nature and each other for the rest of their lives. Who plays together stays together <3

Childhood Friends

Noosa main beach is a magical setting for any photoshoot. I feel warm and fuzzy and a little bit sad looking at these photos. They make miss my old friends and worry-free times I long for in adulthood.


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