Family & Maternity

Loving Family at Balmoral Beach

Little Alexander turned one and it was a great occasion to take fun family pictures at one of the most beautiful beaches in Sydney!

Lifestyle Family Session – A Day in Coogee

This shoot is my recent favourite because it is about the beauty of everyday moments. Australia is a temporarily home for Irina, Joe and Jack. Little Jack is growing so quickly and is learning something new every day. Irina wanted to document their everyday routine: the way Jack eats, puts his shoes on, chases mum and dad around the kitchen. We went to their favourite juice place, played in the sand at Coogee beach and listened to the street musician. I absolutely love this concept! Sometimes while working towards the better future for our family, preparing for the big life events and making up plans we forget that actual life is these little everyday moments and they are full of truth and beauty.

Little Autumn Princess

This adorable 4-months old beauty had to be ‘kidnapped’ to take these pictures :) This photoshoot was a surprise for mum and dad organised by Sophia’s sweet and caring nanny.

I hope the prints will be a good memory of how cute and precious Sophia was on her first glorious autumn!


Vintage Maternity Session in Centennial Park

This was one of the most beautiful maternity sessions I’ve done! Racheal was absolutely stunning at almost 38 weeks pregnant and her little girl Valentina is a pure angel.

Racheal was my dream client. Easygoing and creative she put a lot of thought and effort into the outfits and accessories. I was blown away by the dresses and the flower-crown. Angie Yablonska did Racheal’s stunning hair and make-up.

The day of the shoot was the coldest day in May on record, but everyone on our team was a fighter and we’ll remember this autumn day filled with femininity, beauty and tenderness.

Aydin’s Native American Themed Party

Organised by Joanne Kalivas, a loving mother and a brilliant organiser with immaculate taste and attention to details, Aydin’s 2nd Birthday Party was a dream to witness and document.

Even though the party was interrupted by rain, you could never tell because of the bright, friendly and relaxed atmosphere created by Aydin’s family. Adults were enjoying the conversation and delicious food, and children were entertained with games, music and face-painging by very funny Mario and Emily from Pistachio Entertainment.  In the end everyone was invited to cut the cake and enjoy this absolutely stunning candy bar – just have a look!

The cake, cookies and macaroons are by Cake Candy

Personalised chocolates by Cookie Queen Kitsch’n

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Family is My Anchor

I love off season beaches! Gentle sun, no people, silky sand and lots of salty kisses  - all the happy ingredients were present at Narrabeen beach on that beautiful afternoon. I feel very lucky to have met and photographed this genuine and loving family. It was an absolute joy seeing parents letting their “inner child” out and having fun with their children: blowing bubbles, splashing in the water, getting messy and.. happy. Seeing big smiles, little wrinkles around their eyes, documenting happy mess and real moments brings meaningfulness and joy into what I do.

Peace Within Yourself

All Sydneysiders remember the Sydney hail storm last weekend. These shots were taken minutes and some of them seconds before it hit Sydney. I watch the dark skies, hear the thunder, then look at Jen and see how wonderfully peaceful and tranquil she is. I ponder on the power of life, the power of nature and us being a part of it. It is amazing how vulnerable and strong at the same time a pregnant woman is. I look at Jen, Mick, Jaxson and Mirabelle holding hands and realise how important it is to have each other in the moments of calm and storm. I am thankful to them for making this shoot truly unique and meaningful.

Summer Splashes – The Importance of Personal Work

Monday, April 20th

Today is a cold, miserable and rainy day in Sydney and I really miss summer and my 5 minute project. I am flicking through the pictures of my son and smiling. In these pictures I see how curious, kind and brave he is, how much he’s grown and how many things we did last summer!

I also realise how much I’ve grown as an artist and a person.

When you choose a subject yourself, you choose it for a reason. When you focus on something you truly love you can invent your own world and discover the depths of it undreamed of by others. Unrestricted by time and requests you can explore every nuance of it.

The importance of personal work is immense and I want to do more of it.

Storms don’t last forever

This photosession was basically a miracle. We finished seconds away from a massive storm unleasing upon Sydney. But no rain or gloomy skies could  overshadow the inner radiance of this beautiful family. I think pictures speak louder than words.

5 Minute Project. Day 12

Today is day 12 of my personal 5 minute project, where I show my everyday life, my family and my travels. I am  already proud of myself because I am notoriously bad with projects like these. Taking these pictures brings a lot of joy and challenges into my life and I love it! I am thankful to my friends, family and people who I’ve never met for all the support and kind words. I was asked a few times whether it was a 365 project. I don’t know :) What I know is that I want to keep going.

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