Our greatest strength lies in our tenderness

This magical family radiated calmness, gentleness and tranquility. It was enchanting to watch how tender they were with each other. These three were truly one and it seemed like they communicated without words. This was one of the sessions when I had no need to give any guidance or interrupt them. All I had to do was just let them be and observe their love unfolding in front of my camera.

The Great Family of Five

I believe that true beauty is harmony. By watching this family – the looks they gave each other, the little gestures, jokes and smiles they exchanged during the photoshoot; made me think they are pieces of a puzzle, which work perfectly together. I know how important respect and love is in any relationship, but to me they were the living example of these two vital things. On that day I observed and learned what strong family ties are about.




Friday Photography Tips – Children’s Photography. Little Bodhi and Colour Splash

I am launching my Friday Photography Tips where I am going to share my experience, knowledge and thoughts. Today I am going to share Three Tips and illustrate them with an adorable photoshoot I did recently in Bronte. Feel free to leave comments, ask questions and share your thoughts.


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Indian Summer Family Session

In Australia autumn is not an excuse not to go to the beach.  It’s been exceptionally warm in May in Sydney – beautiful Indian Summer!
Nadya wanted to take pictures with her kids before she departed to UK and voila! I found a cozy little beach in Sydney Eastern Suburbs with parked boats and pretty cliffs, so off we went to take pictures.