Storms don’t last forever

This photosession was basically a miracle. We finished seconds away from a massive storm unleasing upon Sydney. But no rain or gloomy skies could  overshadow the inner radiance of this beautiful family. I think pictures speak […]

5 Minute Project. Day 12

Today is day 12 of my personal 5 minute project, where I show my everyday life, my family and my travels. I am  already proud of myself because I am notoriously bad with projects […]

Simple Family Love

Every family I photograph teaches me something. Through the lens of my camera I learn big lessons of love and parenting. I am very thankful to each and every family for sharing and trusting me […]

Friday Photography Tips – Travel Photography. Captivating Tasmania

Traveling and photography becomes more and more affordable these days. Billions of pictures are taken and shared every day. So, how do you make sure that your pictures are going to tell a story […]

Taste of Ice-cream on One Summer Afternoon

I am excited to announce that together with my fellow photographers I’ve started a 5-minute project. Through a small 5-minute window you’ll see bits and pieces of my world: my family, my travels, everyday […]

Friday Photography Tips – How to Dress for Couples/Family Shoot

Every time I have a shoot I do my best to make my clients look and feel wonderful in front of my camera. Prior to the actual shoot I send simple guidelines on how […]

When Home is Your Favourite Place to Be

I was absolutely thrilled to be invited to the new home of my fellow photographer and amazing woman Natalia. She wanted to have family pictures in the comfort of their new home. And oh […]

Our greatest strength lies in our tenderness

This magical family radiated calmness, gentleness and tranquility. It was enchanting to watch how tender they were with each other. These three were truly one and it seemed like they communicated without words. This […]

The Great Family of Five

I believe that true beauty is harmony. By watching this family – the looks they gave each other, the little gestures, jokes and smiles they exchanged during the photoshoot; made me think they are […]

Elena and Con

This was one of the shortest but warmest and most emotional weddings I ever photographed! This amazing family gave me chills from the love they were emanating. What I really liked about that day […]

Julia and Andreas

Julia and Andreas’ Wedding
I’ve known Julia since my first year in university, so I was honoured when she asked me to capture her special day. Like many people today, Julia found love outside the borders of her home country Ukraine. As is traditional for military men, Andreas married Julia in his decorated uniform. […]

Friday Photography Tips – Children’s Photography. Little Bodhi and Colour Splash

I am launching my Friday Photography Tips where I am going to share my experience, knowledge and thoughts. Today I am going to share Three Tips and illustrate them with an adorable photoshoot I did recently in Bronte. Feel free to leave comments, ask questions and share your thoughts.


Indian Summer Family Session

In Australia autumn is not an excuse not to go to the beach.  It’s been exceptionally warm in May in Sydney – beautiful Indian Summer!
Nadya wanted to take pictures with her kids before she departed […]

The Ocean Seen From The Sky

I close my eyes and can only hear the sound of the sea. The waves beat hardly with all their strength on the rocks. I lie protected in a small, round rock formation. It’s […]

Autumn Family Session in Melbourne

A gorgeous family of travellers and happiness seekers, who this time happened to be in Melbourne at the same time as me. :) Their children and true wunderkinds, who already speak three languages: Chinese, […]

Farewell to Summer

Volkswagen Kombi is an international icon known as the “hippie van”. However it is not just a car; its unique look has thousands of fans around the world and has its own spirit, culture […]

Tree Dance

Australia is a Wonderland to me! I can’t stop repeating how amazing the nature is here.. I thank Sarah and Zinnia, who helped me to put this fairy tale together. I’d like to say a few words about Zinnia, who has had very busy and successful times lately. […]

Soul Meets Body

This was the first time I travelled inland of Australia. We drove for around 150 kilometres from Sydney and reached this serene gorgeous property in Southern Highlands, NSW.  And I must tell you, it turned […]

Vintage Wedding

Tanya and Lesha were one of the most sophisticated couples I’ve ever met. They were fun and delicate, tasteful and joyful. I felt like a guest at the wedding. […]

The Female Warrior

Australia is known for its fierce and devastating bush fires.  One happened a few months ago in an incredibly beautiful National Park at Palm Beach. Once I saw the landscape I was astounded by the destructive power of the flames and the dark beauty of it. […]

Near Light

It is truly a small world – Dasha and I met in Sydney just a few weeks ago, although we both had been living in Kiev for years. We know the same people and speak the same language, but got to know each other on the opposite side of the world! […]

Suitcase Baby

What a pleasure it was to shoot this little angel. She was all smiles and excitement for the whole session. One of my favourite things about this shoot was the effort her parents went to in organising all the decorations and costumes for her. […]

Fields of Gold

I remember this shoot was all about senses and feelings. As we approached the location we all thought that we would be caught in the rain. Grey pastel sky, gusts of wind, whispers in the trees, smell of the sea and dry grass – it was magically quiet and peaceful. […]

Little Pumpkin Head

This is what happens when dad is at work, and mum and son are left on their own :) Set in our little home studio, this autumn and Halloween inspired photo shoot was fun for both the model and the photographer! […]

My first post about Sydney

Sydney became my new home not long ago. There is still so much to explore in the city and its surroundings. Every single day is full of something new and wonderful for me. Every time I go outside I am bound to see something beautiful. The trees, terrace houses, gorgeous tropical flowers, cozy cafes, friendly people and of course the beaches – everything excites me.I want to say to all the people who live here to appreciate your home. […]

Sunset Boating

Katya’s Sunset Boating photo session took place on a quiet part of the Dnieper River in Kiev, Ukraine. This was not my first portrait shoot with Katya, but was definitely one to remember as the sun set orange and purple on the horizon. Summers in Kiev are magical around this time of the day. […]

Maja Kotala New Collection

This photo shoot is a collaboration with an incredibly talented Sydney based fashion designer Maja Kotala. It was such an inspiration to work with such a creative, hard-working and strong lady! […]

Orange Love

Meanwhile on the other side of the Earth it’s Autumn. And I must tell you, I can smell the withered leaves and damp air from here. I can see golden and bright but barely warm sun rays descending through twisted and half naked tree tops. Autumn is filled with mystery, nostalgia and hope for soon coming summer. […]